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Business Accounting

Understanding the core concepts, terms, and techniques of finance

Change Management

Learning the processes, tools and techniques to manage the

Contract Law

Understanding of the juridical relationship between organizations

Financial Management

Learning eficient and effective management of money (funds) in

Human Resource Management

Recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organization's employees

Innovation Management

Includes a set of tools that allow managers and

International business and sustainable development

Identification and analysis of expansion business models

Business Informatics

Usage of data in an integrated manner

Negotiation Techniques for Business

Negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts,

Online Business Administration Models

Understand and apply the online strategies for the online

Organization’s management

Discovering the process of organizing, planning, leading and controlling

Research Methods for Business Administration

Effective econometric methods for doing research with large databases,

Risk Management

Development, adopting and implementing strategic and tactical decisions in

Strategic Management

The course provides overall direction to an enterprise and