Marian Năstase

Marian Năstase

Professor, ASE

Specialized in organization management, strategic management, change management, leadership, organizational culture, and international comparison.

Marian Năstase graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Management in Construction, Transport and Telecommunications. He has been a doctor since 2003, having as topic the doctorate thesis “Inter-dependencies between organizational culture and company management”.
He has participated in various research projects, consultancy and training for the private environment and public institutions, such as: Director of the ASE partner within the POSDRU project: “UNIVERSITARIA – School of Academic Didactics and Advanced Scientific Research” (POSDRU / 157 / 1.3 / S / 135 590); director of the research project “Developing skills in knowledge-based leadership in the SME sector in Romania in the context of integration into the European Union”, (CNCSIS, 2009-2011); component of the research project team “Generating positive synergies in industrial enterprises by harmonizing binomial organizational culture – company strategy to achieve a trend
evolving towards competitiveness and excellence “(CEEX, 2007-2008); component of the team for elaboration and realization of the research project “Corporate Social Responsibility within the SME Sector, in the Perspective of Romania’s Integration into the European Union” (CNCSIS, 2006) etc.
Professor Univ. Dr. Năstase Marian participated in numerous study visits abroad, recalling the USA, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, etc. He is the author and coauthor of books, articles and scientific communications in the field of management at national and international conferences. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Comparative Management Review.



Telephone: +40 21 212 86 07

Adress: Calea Grivitei 2-2A, București

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