Tănase Stamule

Tănase Stamule

Associate Professor, ASE

Prof. Stamule is Dean at FABIZ and holds a PhD in Economics, specialization in Management from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (2012)


Bachelor in Economy, The Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign   Languages, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (2006); Also he holds an Executive Master in Public Administration, Hertie School of Governance  (2017); Bachelor in Communication, The University of Strasbourg (2006); Certificate in European    Studies, The University of Trier (2005).

Research areas:

Humans Resources, Cross-cultural Management, Leadership, Public Management, SMEs.


2 books and 20 papers published in journals and in conferences proceedings indexed in international databases.

Career development:

Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, in foreign languages (FABIZ), The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (since 2013); PR Manager of the International Conference on Business Excellence (2017); Vice-president of The Society for Business Excellence (2008-2011); Expert in projects financed by the European Commission (2016); Developer of an excellency program at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation; More than 10 years of experience in academic and public management.

Languages spoken fluently: German, English and French.


Email: imba@fabiz.ase.ro

Telephone: +40 21 212 86 07

Adress: Calea Grivitei 2-2A, București

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