Fabrizio D'Ascenzo

Fabrizio D’Ascenzo

Professor - University of Sapienza

Fabrizio D’Ascenzo is full professor of Production Management and ICT in the Faculty of Economics of Sapienza University of Rome and is the Dean of the Faculty.

He is Deputy Rector of Sapienza University for the relationships with companies and is the Director of the post graduate course of Sapienza University in European Projects. He has been the Italian responsible for Sapienza University of two Tempus projects CD-JEP 25165-2004 and ETF-JP-00237-2008.

He is the teaching the Master course “Economy of enterprise, Quality and Innovation” conducted in partnership with the University of Economics (UNECON) of St. Petersburg in Russia which is the result of the first Tempus project of the two cited above. Also, he is responsible for the agreements of Sapienza with the University of California – Berkeley and with the University MGIMO of Moscow.

He is author and co-author of more than one hundred fifty books and papers published in Italy and abroad.