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Business Accounting

Understanding the core concepts, terms, and techniques of finance

Business Analysis

The course introduces you to the business analysis framework,

Business Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation is envisioned to equip students to

Contract Law

The course is meant to provide the Master students

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking methodology is applied in business to

Ethics and Academic integrity

Upon the completion of the course, students will gain

Financial Management

Learning eficient and effective management of money (funds) in

Human Resource Management

This course is aimed to take all students from

Innovation Management

The activities during the Innovation Management course will give

International business and Sustainable development

International Business caters to a post-millennial student audience, the


Following the internship (280 hours) you will be able

Business Informatics

Usage of data in an integrated manner

Negotiation Techniques for Business

Negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts,

Online Business Administration Models

The class focus is on pre-product-market fit technology-based ventures

Research Methods for Business Administration

This course is aimed at all MBAs who expect

Risk Management

The course aims to provide a broad understanding of

Scientific Seminar

The course is designed to help students in undertaking

Strategic Management

This course is aimed to take all students from