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Why not study abroad for a few months?

IMBA students can apply to Erasmus mobilities at +45 universities with programs fully taught in English, and another +45 with programs taught in French, German, Italian or Spanish. Here is a selected list of top university partners:

KU Leuven (Belgium)
University of Hradec Králové (Czech R.)
HHL – Leipzig G. Sch of Mgmg. (Germany)
Globis University (Japan)

BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)

University of Groningen (Netherlands)
Krakow University of Economics (Poland)
Instituto Superior de Gestão (Portugal)
Université de Bordeaux (France)
Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany)

Dual degree

Enrich your skills and develop a global mindset by studying during one of the two IMBA years at our partner – Sapienza University of Rome.

IMBA offers you a valuable academic experience, and empowers you to get a double degree, expand your perspectives and tailor your education for a better fit with your career goals.

By following the dual degree program and successfully presenting your master’s thesis at both universities, you will receive the IMBA master’s degree and a second master’s degree in the business and administration domain, from Sapienza University of Rome.

Our professors and business professionals come from top universities and organizations:


Em strasbourg



” IMBA is, probably, the best choice in Romania for those of us looking for a modern, holistic, international master in business. But not a good choice for those who only want an easy to get, meaningless diploma! The numerous business professionals and teachers from top universities, the networking opportunities, the pragmatic approach and learning by doing attitude, the high standards as well as the modular structure are all unique among the many business masters in Romania, and make IMBA, in my opinion, the best degree of its kind. As a 2020 bachelor’s graduate, my personal plans of doing my master’s abroad were shattered by the pandemic, but now I am glad that I have chosen IMBA to develop both my career skills and academic proficiency, as I consider the experience comparable to the ones you can get internationally!”

Petronela Cîrstea | IMBA Class ‘22

“You will learn from some of the brightest minds on the planet, collaborate with proven leaders of top-notch industries. Embrace yourself in this incredible journey and you will be rewarded with great skills, lifelong connections, and invaluable knowledge that will bosost your career or will guarantee you a great start in your race.”

Ștefan Durleșteanu | IMBA Class ’20

“What I enjoyed most about life at IMBA was being exposed to new ideas, professors from all over Europe, interacting with truly brilliant people and obtaining a double degree. During the second year of the masters program, I studied at Sapienza University where I had the chance to learn from my colleagues by finding similarities and challenging each other’s perspectives. This is how I became a global citizen. When studying abroad, you gain business and political insights from all over the world so you always know the latest news. More importantly, you have access to lifelong networking opportunities.“

Mădălina Vlasie | Class of ’20

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