Why choose the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)


Challenge yourself


Skill set approach


International Study trips


Dual degree program


Field experts
and decision makers


Career visioning


Global perspective


Global opportunities

Key learning pillars at IMBA

Tech & Innovation


Dan Berte

Director of IoT, Bitdefender


Mădălina Meghișan-Toma

Professor, ASE


Fabrizio D’Ascenzo

Sapienza University of Rome


Daniel Pele

Professor, ASE


Wolfgang Karl Härdle

Humboldt University


Petre Caraiani

Associate Professor, ASE


Dragoș Vespan

Associate Professor, ASE


Anca Bundaru

Product MK Lead, Bitdefender


Vlad Panait

Business Angel, Sparking Capital

Oana Garcia Poza

Oana Garcia

Senior Manager, EY


Sorin Anagnoste

Assoc. Prof., ASE

Rosssano Eusebio

Rossano Eusebio

Associate Professor, Autonoma de Barcelona

Strategy & Operations


Alina Dima

Professor, ASE

Josep Karl (1)

Josef Karl Pelikan

German Fed. Ministry for Ec. Coop. & Dev.


Dominique Maze

Brest Business School


Claude Chailan

EM Strasbourg Business School

Andreea Stoican

Andreea Stoican

Lecturer, ASE


Grzegorz Grabowski

GM, Maspex


Babak Mehmanpazir

EM Strasbourg B.Sch.


Patrick Sensburg

Univ. of Pub. Admin. NRW


Mihail Lupu

Senior Manager, Druid AI

Daniela Marzavan

Daniela Marzavan

Co-founder, Marzavan & Kowalewski


Chantal Moll de Alba

Professor, Univ. of Barcelona


George Hulene 2

George Hulene

Senior Lecturer, Coventry University

Oana Stanila

Oana Stănilă

Professor, ASE


Gabriela Horga

Lecturer, ASE


Marius Matei

Associate Professor, ASE


Maria Grith

Erasmus University Rotterdam


Răzvan Hoinaru

Lecturer, ASE

Razvan Szilagyi

Razvan Szilagyi

CEO, Raiffeisen Asset Management

Talent & Marketing


Irina Mînzală

Human Resource Director, EY Romania & Moldova


Simona Goia

Associate Professor, ASE


Bogdan Nistoreanu

Associate Prof., ASE


Andrea Veress

Commercial Manager, Estee Lauder


Mihai Marinescu

Business Transf. Dir., EY Ro & Mld

Oana Popovici500

Oana Popovici

Assoc. Prof., ASE


Sebastien Point

EM Strasbourg B.Sch.


Navigating in the international business context is pretty common nowadays. Digital interconnectivity and real time access to trends and insights are part of the day to day activities of consumers/shoppers around the world. During the program, we are sharing, discussing and challenging practical experiences meant to address current or future needs and we aim to generate ideas that can be easily adopted or further developed anywhere.

Andrea Veress | Commercial Manager at Estée Lauder

Making deals globally is a major building block in the business strategies of companies. The International Negotiations & Conflict Resolution course offers practical insights into the management of the deal-making process. Through various real world examples and business cases, students will learn how to effectively negotiate in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. They will acquire the mindset, skills and knowledge in order to become great negotiators in intercultural contexts.

Dominique Mazé | Brest Business School


It’s kind of surprising that in a world of interconnectivity and easily available knowledge some of the best real-world tricks to building products, platforms or businesses are not quickly shared. We explore these industry secrets together with the students, doing dry runs and learning through practical experience, to shape the future generations of business leaders.

Dan Berte | Director of IoT and Chief Architect at Bitdefender

Gain a GLOBAL perspective

Why not study abroad for a few months?

IMBA students can apply to Erasmus mobilities at +45 universities with programs fully taught in English, and another +45 with programs taught in French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Here is a selected list of top university partners:

KU Leuven (Belgium)

University of Hradec Králové (Czech R.)

HHL – Leipzig G. Sch of Mgmg. (Germany)

Globis University (Japan)

BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)

University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Krakow University of Economics (Poland)

Instituto Superior de Gestão (Portugal)

Université de Bordeaux (France)

Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany)

Dual degree

Enrich your skills and develop a global mindset by studying during one of the two IMBA years at our partner – Sapienza University of Rome.

IMBA offers you a valuable academic experience, and empowers you to get a double degree, expand your perspectives and tailor your education for a better fit with your career goals.

By following the dual degree program and successfully presenting your master’s thesis at both universities, you will receive the IMBA master’s degree and a second master’s degree in the business and administration domain, from Sapienza University of Rome.

International Summer Trips

As an International MBA (IMBA) student, you are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to broaden your global business perspective through two exclusive international study trips, facilitated by the prestigious Erasmus+ program.

In your first year, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and business environment of Thessaloniki, Greece, for a week. Your journey continues into the second year with a captivating week in Rome, Italy, each city offering a unique blend of educational and cultural enrichment.


Throughout these trips, you will:

  • Engage in a series of meticulously planned activities designed to enhance your learning experience;
  • Meet with leading companies, where you’ll gain insights into international business practices and strategies;
  • Participate in workshops that are not only informative but also designed to develop your skills in a practical setting;
  • Visit our partner universities, where you’ll connect with peers and professionals, expanding your network and understanding of global academia;
  • …and of course, amidst all this learning, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore, enjoy, and have fun in these historic cities.

Join the IMBA program and be part of an experience that goes beyond the classroom, shaping you into a global business leader of tomorrow. Embrace the chance to not only see the world but to learn from it. Dive into the IMBA experience—where your education is a journey, not just a destination.

Our professors and business professionals come from top universities and organizations


Em strasbourg



IMBA at a glance

– class of ’24 –

IMBA student profile statistics (work experience, geography, academic background, work industry)

IMBA is, probably, the best choice in Romania for those of us looking for a modern, holistic, international master in business. But not a good choice for those who only want an easy to get, meaningless diploma! The numerous business professionals and teachers from top universities, the networking opportunities, the pragmatic approach and learning by doing attitude, the high standards as well as the modular structure are all unique among the many business masters in Romania, and make IMBA, in my opinion, the best degree of its kind. As a 2020 bachelor’s graduate, my personal plans of doing my master’s abroad were shattered by the pandemic, but now I am glad that I have chosen IMBA to develop both my career skills and academic proficiency, as I consider the experience comparable to the ones you can get internationally!

Petronela Cîrstea | IMBA Class of ’22

You will learn from some of the brightest minds on the planet, collaborate with proven leaders of top-notch industries. Embark yourself on this incredible journey and you will be rewarded with great skills, lifelong connections, and invaluable knowledge that will bosost your career or will guarantee you a great start in your race.

Ștefan Durleșteanu | IMBA Class of ’20


What I enjoyed most about life at IMBA was being exposed to new ideas, professors from all over Europe, interacting with truly brilliant people and obtaining a double degree. During the second year of the masters program, I studied at Sapienza University where I had the chance to learn from my colleagues by finding similarities and challenging each other’s perspectives. This is how I became a global citizen. When studying abroad, you gain business and political insights from all over the world so you always know the latest news. More importantly, you have access to lifelong networking opportunities.

Mădălina Vlasie | IMBA Class of ’20

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