Anca Bundaru

Anca Bundaru

Product Marketing Lead, Bitdefender

Anca Bundaru leads every facet of the product's journey, focusing on shaping the voice of the product and helping it grow a consumer base. Her job is to demonstrate how Bitdefender’s products solve the world's security, making the customer the priority, and ultimately, letting technology speak for itself.

Anca is responsible for understanding the customer to build assets and a strategy to position and message Bitdefender products worldwide.

Anca is relatively obsessed with technology and believes new products can change the world and can improve lives on a massive scale. She keeps close to the entrepreneurial culture and she likes to immerse herself in innovation ecosystems. Also, she’s been mentoring startups for about 3 years now and she likes to unlock the unseen potential of their products.

It’s worth highlighting that before joining Bitdefender, 8 years ago, she had 6 years of full-time experience in communication & marketing. She was also part of the most awarded digital campaign in Romania.