Claude Chailan

Claude Chailan

Professor - Strasbourg business school

EM Strasbourg is the fast-growing business school of the University of Strasbourg, ranked amongst the 100 best universities worldwide. Prof. Chailan has a great amount of international experience, having lived, studied and worked in many different countries all along his professional life. Prior to joining the academia, Dr. Chailan held high-level positions in international management, including senior positions at Dannon, Sara Lee and L’Oréal.  He was actively involved in the development of international brands in several countries, as COO or CEO of these international companies’ local subsidiaries.

Prof. Chailan regularly visits various schools and universities around the world, including SWUFE in Chengdu, China; ESA in Beirut, Lebanon; CFVG in Hanoï, Vietnam; UniAndes in Bogota, Colombia; Aalto EE in Taïwan; Esan in Lima, Perou; Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, Mexico; Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa and, Loyola University in Seville, Spain. He has worked as consultant to several national and international companies including: L’Oréal, Extrême or Al Marsa.

Dr. Chailan’s research focuses on the links between marketing and strategy in the fields of Luxury Goods and Services Management, Business Models, Revenue Management, and International Business.  Claude’s work has been widely published in leading academic journals including: The Journal of Business Research, The Journal of Marketing Management, The Journal of Product and Brand Management, Euromed Journal of Business, The International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, The Journal of Competitiveness and Strategy and Critical Perspectives on International Business and the Journal of Business Research to name a few.

Dr. Chailan received a Master’s degree from ESSEC Business School in Paris as well as a degree in Political Sciences from the Institute of Political Studies, Aix-en-Provence, France. He holds a PhD. in Management from the University of Nice, France.