Negotiation Techniques for Business

Negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts, including deal making, employment discussions, corporate team building.

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Alina Dima
Professor, ASE
Dominique Mazè
Professor - Brest Business School
Josef C. Karl Pelikan
Director, UNIDO


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Conflict management and business negotiation course is designed to provide students with techniques for becoming skillful negotiators in a wide range of settings. You will explore the elements of a successful negotiation, including problem-solving and conflict resolution. Optimized negotiating skills can benefit everyone both personally and professionally. It examines how personality and temperaments influence negotiation styles and techniques and provides numerous strategies proven effective with different personality types. Profound changes in society, the global economy, and the ways people work have made conflict resolution and negotiating skills more important than ever before. Grounded in theory and research, it examines the psychological and sociological factors inherent in the negotiation process. It explores the complexities of negotiations, by looking at how conflict is related and how temperaments and personality traits impact the process.

Career Focus
This course is designed for students who expect to analyze how to develop critical negotiation skills using a very individual, personalized approach.
Course Content and Organization
The course will examine the framework and fundamental steps of negotiating, including how to develop an effective negotiating action plan. Students will be introduced to a current theory surrounding the negotiation process. Filled with exercises, self-assessment tools, examples, and cases, the course links theory to practice and gives students an opportunity to develop, practice, and perfect their own unique set of negotiation skills. At the end of the course, student will be able to identify their own negotiation and conflict management style and provide the theoretical basis for conflict resolution and both concrete and experiential alternative.

Course Requirements
The existence of an integrated strategic way of thinking.
The class does not assume any prior negotiations training and provides an introduction to both key concepts in negotiations and the overall process of negotiation, all in the context of an experiential learning environment.

A Note On Scheduling
It is expected that the class members will share and exchange points of views on the topic. The instructor will be a facilitator at times, but it is the responsibility of the students to initiate the discussion and to keep it moving forward from week to week.