Following the internship (280 hours) you will be able to: explore career alternatives prior to graduation; integrate business theory and business practice; assess interests and abilities in business administration; learn to appreciate work and its function in the economy; develop work habits and attitudes necessary for job success; develop communication, interpersonal and other critical skills […]

Scientific Seminar

The course is designed to help students in undertaking their graduation business research project in their chosen specialization field, by critically reviewing a wide range of research methodologies commonly practiced in the business field.

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking methodology is applied in business to enhance innovation and solve complex problems.

Financial Management

Learning eficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization

Business Informatics

Usage of data in an integrated manner

Negotiation Techniques for Business

Negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts, including deal making, employment discussions, corporate team building.

Risk Management

The course aims to provide a broad understanding of the assessment and management techniques for the major classes of risks faced by all organizations, such as operational, financial, strategic, investment and hazard and risks.

Research Methods for Business Administration

This course is aimed at all MBAs who expect at some point in their careers to use, understand and apply statistical methods that can enhance their data understanding and support their decisions.

Business Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Transformation is envisioned to equip students to be able to design, help lead and implement digital transformation initiatives and come up with new business models for new or existing organizations.

Human Resource Management

This course is aimed to take all students from zero to one when it comes to people management.