Scientific Seminar

The course is designed to help students in undertaking their graduation business research project in their chosen specialization field, by critically reviewing a wide range of research methodologies commonly practiced in the business field.



Mihail Busu
Mihail Busu
Associate Professor, ASE


Course , Masters , Study

It provides a basis for consideration of research issues covered in a number of subjects within various specialization areas in the degree program. The course is structured such that to enable students to develop advanced research skills relevant to a large panel of business situations. It covers elements in the research process including problem and research question definition, literature review, hypothesis formulation and development, research design, data collection and cleaning methods, sampling strategies, reporting research results and drafting of conclusions.

In addition, there is a strong emphasis on the use of statistical computer packages, with a focus on big data and high frequency data econometric modeling, and results’ interpretation. Research techniques and methods will be examined for the formulation of hypotheses, development of testable objectives, experimental design, subject selection, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and report preparation.

Specifically, upon the completion of this course, students should be able to explain the purpose and types of business research design, state research problems clearly and precisely, develop propositions, and state set of hypotheses to be tested. They should be able to demonstrate knowledge of research processes, performing literature reviews, define and develop research interests using specific research designs. They will get the necessary tools to make reasoned decisions as to the appropriate data collection method for specific studies, as well to identify and apply the relevant statistical tools or methods, by using computer technology in the solution of advanced business research problems.

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