Bogdan Nistoreanu
Associate Professor, ASE


Course , Masters , Study

Following the internship (280 hours) you will be able to:

  • explore career alternatives prior to graduation;
  • integrate business theory and business practice;
  • assess interests and abilities in business administration;
  • learn to appreciate work and its function in the economy;
  • develop work habits and attitudes necessary for job success;
  • develop communication, interpersonal and other critical skills related to jobs in business administration;
  • build a record of work experience;
  • acquire employment contacts leading directly to a full-time job following graduation;
  • identify, write down, and carry out performance objectives (mutually agreed upon by the employer, the FABIZ experiential learning supervisor, and the student) related to your job assignment.

All documents can be found online – click HERE.

You are encouraged to explore the internships and jobs provided by FABIZ’s partners (click HERE)

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